IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Kit

The IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Kit (Food Intolerance Test) is a simple test that uses the indirect ELISA method on a microplate, to allow the determination of class G immunoglobulins (IgG), possibly present in human plasma / serum, directed towards the most common foods.

With this kit it is possible to identify which foods contain the proteins against which the body has developed adverse reactions. The identification of these foods can help to undertake a more correct diet and resolve any related symptoms and for the recovery of tolerance.

The IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Kit is an IVD for in vitro diagnostic use and is certified CE.

image food intolerance kit elisa igg
image components food intolerance kit elisa igg


  • Quickness: the test lasts just over an hour

  • Simplicity: carrying out the test does not involve particular difficulties

  • Versatility: the test can be performed manually or mounted on an automatic analyzer

  • Quality: the production of the food extracts used for the coating of the microplates is entirely carried out in the Production Department of the Natrix Laboratories. Each batch must pass quantitative and qualitative Quality Controls before being declared suitable.
    The microplates are automatically sensitized with the use of modern machinery. For each lot is executed a Quality Control, the results of which are declared in the Certificate of Analysis present in each kit.

The IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Kit available

The IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Kit is available in 4 panels, with 46, 92, 184 and 276 foods.
However, seen that the production of antigens is always internal to the Natrix production departments, the customer can customize the panel according to his needs.

Download foods tested list

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