Microarray Kit

NatrixDiagnostics is able to create customized Protein Microarray Kits.

The products made up to this point are related to the research of IgG for food intolerances, IgE for allergies and hormonal markers.
Nitrocellulose slides are used as a surface.

These operations are performed on a robotic station with cutting-edge technologies.

The system in use at NatrixDiagnostics boasts some top-notch features including:

  • Precise control of spotted volumes, from 100 pL up to 10 nL in settable increments of 100 pL
  • Spot size and shape accurate in the range between 90 and 500 microns
  • Spot position can be set in 1 micron increments
  • CV intra and inter slide <5%
  • No contact between the instrument and the slide surface
  • Samples not subjected to temperature increases during the printing phase

Each production takes place in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity.

Contact us to request a product customization.

image microarray kit

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